Free? Really?

I have seen this meme going around. And it really got me thinking. We are not free, and it is a LOT worse than the meme says.

I hear people complaining that the “freedom people” are complaining for no reason. Well lets talk about that for a minute!

I have to pay the government a tithe to live on the any land (basically its all the kings land now). There is a food levy and produce levy (tax) on everything.

Government restricts nearly, permits, licenses or controls nearly EVERYTHING.

Try to dig a pond or capture rainwater, in many places that is illegal or requires a permit or expensive environmental impact review.

Oh you cant even be employed at all you have to have a social security number.

Try to get a hotel room without an ID. Or try setting off fireworks in many areas without a license. Better yet make medication – like we did for 200+ years, better yet dont or the FDA/FEDS etc will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Oh and decide what medications you want? Oh no the govt will do that for you too… (vaccines and flu shots) more true now than ever.

Licenses are the government taking away your right then selling it back to you. Try to sell raw milk, sell unwashed chicken eggs (which keep better btw), fly a plane or a large drone, or travel to a different county.

Try driving a car without a drivers license, car registration and required car insurance. Drive without a seat belt or helmet (motorcyle).

Try flying on a plane without ID even inside the country now.

In many areas public schooling is forced and trying to homeschool which was the standard since the late 1600s is functionally not permitted (permits/licenses make it nearly impossible in some states).

Permits to pump sewage, provide medical care (outside family and to some extent even inside family).

Permit to protest outside of approved free-speech zones. Give a firearm to someone (straw-man purchase or across state lines – varying by state and federal quirks). Restrictions on firearms with lots of ammo, automatic firearms, cannons (all of which existed in 1789). I want a cannon in my front lawn.

Free?  Try walking on the side of the highway. Plant, grow or harvest various trees, bushes and plants. Thy to carry a switchblade, carry a fixed knife or folding knife, or god forbid carry a gun – in many states its illegal. Even pepper spray is illegal in some areas.

Own a dog or cat without a license (nearly all pets).

Hunt or fish EVEN ON YOUR OWN LAND AND WATER. I would have to get permission, license & fee to stock fish in my pond and then permission, license every year to fish in my pond.

And nearly everything to do with medical activity is highly regulated. Only recently was Stevia allowed to be used yet it has been used for 100s of generations. Permission to retire and use MY OWN MONEY (minimum age must withdraw)

Try to open a bank account without ID and Social Security Number. Oh and i can opt out of social security right?

I cant choose what to do with my money ie to get my own insurance and invest in my retirement (except as approved). 

I cant store/sell/share food as a producer without a crapload of licenses, permits and inspection.

I cant support a candidate for office through an organization (must file and pay to do it), and don’t even start on the impossible regulations on even a small business. Oh and if i create an org it must be registered or it will be taxed too as “for profit”. 501c3 etc.

Paddling in a boat (must have license must have life preserver etc). The boat has to be licensed and permitted in some cases also

Own land without paying rent to the government. Build on the land without inspections, permits, annual septic pump proof etc etc.

And finally just to LIVE the govt keeps trying to MANDATE health insurance. You cannot live without following the laws and the ever growing administrative policies.

I am not PERMITTED to live in a house without public utilities. Raise your kids without electricity and you get them taken away (research Michigan family in trouble for living off grid for a summer)

Licenses (ongoing fees) to do work as: lawyer, beautician, barber, plumber, electrician, serve alcohol, doctor, bury people, butcher animals, dentist, broker, wrestler/boxer, nurse, transfer a business to your children, and the winner…

drumroll Please


You need a death certificate otherwise you aren’t dead.

May be an image of text that says '125 YEARS AGO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO: Collect rain water• Go fishing •Own a property Start a business •Renovate your home Build a home Use a transportation vehicle Get married Hunt Own a weapon Cut hair Sell a product Protest •Grow food on your property Set up a lemonade stand Sell food You can do virtually nothing without being extorted by government and obtaining their permission first. If you still think you re free, you're deluding yourself You live in a tax farm as free range humans.'

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