Poor Mans Communications

With big tech controlling access and main stream media filtering and editorializing all the news you need access ways to communicate. To be prepared you need to be able to communicate and get news. Here are the TOP ways for you to do that.

FREE Communication Options

These are are some free options for social media, texting and communications. You can use aliases if you choose (except Signal) and they give you a method to communicate and discuss subjects widely.

Alternate Social Media

GAB.COM – Free Social Media Platform. Webpage only. There is no custom GAB app for Android or iPhone. Sign up for GAB.COM here: https://gab.com/ *RECOMMENDED*

MEWE.COM Free social media platform. Webpage only. There is no custom MEWE app for Android or iPhone. Sign up for MEWE.COM here: https://mewe.com/


Signal an smartphone and PC application that is tied to your cellphone number. It provides encrypted communications to each individual. All voice, data and video is encrypted. It uses TCPIP (internet protocol) so if there is internet access you could still communicate.

Signal Groups: You can create groups of people by inviting them based on their cell number. Signal allows you to text/chat to the group or VOICE CALL the entire group. The voice group call is an instant encrypted party line, so get your friends and family on it and you can use it to communicate reasonably safely.

PC App: Signal has a PC app that is also encrypted and it synchs to your phone to ensure security.

Install the Signal App Here: https://signal.org/download/ *RECOMMENDED*

Telegram APP

This one does NOT require a cellphone BUT it doesnt encrypt everything. It is about 1/2 way between pure texting and social media. Telegram groups can be invite only or “open”

Telegram has PC based application

Install the Telegram App here https://telegram.org/ *RECOMMENDED*

Good Telegram Groups. A couple Telegram groups we suggest are:

  • https://t.me/commonsensehome
  • https://t.me/realx22report
  • https://t.me/preplibrary

If you know of other good Telegram groups leave them in the comments below.

Rumble Video

YouTube is cracking down on pretty much everything. If you end up wanting to post video and not get it instantly banned, try out Rumble.COM

Solutions that Cost Money

There are a couple of solutions for communications should cellphones and internet become unavailable including: HAM (shortwave radio), CB Radio and GMRS/FRS radio.

Satellite Phones

Even if cell is down, odds are satellite will still work. All the real services require a monthly fee, so these are PRICEY.

Ham (Shortwave Radio)

*RECOMMENDED* Shortwave is best SHTF/TEOTWAWKI solution. It is old school and pretty much guarentees you can communicate widely (even globally), even in a grid down situation. It does require power of some sort. It also requires a LICENSE, but the license is fairly easy to get.

We recommend the water resistant Japanese made Yaesu FT65 handheld shortwave radio to get started. Larger units will cost more but give you a LOT more range with a decent antenna.

Get started with HAM Radio here: https://www.instructables.com/Getting-Started-in-Ham-Radio/

CB Radio

*RECOMMENDED* Citizen Band Radio (CB) does NOT require a license. The bad news it is shorter range than HAM. You can get a car kit or handheld fairly cheaply. The MidLand unit is a good vehicle/base station it includes nearly everything to mount it. The COBRA HH50WXST is a decent CB Handheld. The Midland 75-822 is a good one that can be either used in a car or used as a handheld.

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

GMRS is a licensed solution with similar broadcast range to CB. Midland has a lot of handheld and base station options. This is a good “local” solution and popular for hunting or hiking/camping.

FRS (Family Radio Service)

is an unlicensed solution, but wattage is limited. It is shorter range because of that. We do not recommend it.


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