The Covid Lie

The Covid LIE

Covid was mischaracterized and misreported. It is not about science or medicine it is about control and politics.

Covid was and still is dangerous for the elderly, but the younger population, especially birth to 15 are statistically unaffected. Based on CDC/NIH etc data (summary graph below).


More proof of misreporting. The WIDELY reported deaths had EVERYONE (all ages) assuming they would die when in reality the impact was to elderly. (see the 220x to 570x death rate for elderly) from CDC data.

Straight from CDC website

Comparison to Spanish Flu

The media (not me) started using the Spanish Flu as an example of how bad COVID (SARS-COV2) is. By all measures the Spanish Flu was FAR WORSE. It was a real PANDEMIC. COVID is a 2s flu at best (except for elderly and people with multiple pre-existing conditions).

Details on Spanish Flu VS Covid

Spanish Flu caused a decrease in life expectancy from 12 to 16 years. If you adjust for life expectance from 1917 to 2019 the average Spanish Flu loss of life in years was 19 to 23 years. The worst estimate for Covid right now is 4 years and most others have it from 2 to 3, and one even has it as low as 1 year.

Taking the best estimate from Spanish Flu of 12 years and worst estimate of COVID at 4 years, the Spanish flu was 475% worse.

How much life was actually lost?

Another way to compare is what percent of life expectancy was lost.

The average life expectancy in the USA in 1918. Just before the Spanish Flu the life expectancy was about 52.

The average life expectancy in the USA in 2019 was 79.79 per GOOGLE facts.

The Spanish flu reduced life expectancy by 25% to 29% depending on when you decided the Spanish flu started. Seed Berkley link above

Covid reduces life expectancy by 1.4% to 4.4% depending on which numbers you use. Again comparing the most favorable Spanish Flu 25% to the WORST Covid number of 4.4%. It is obvious how there is not much of a comparison.

How about making everything equal?

To compare the average age of death of 28 for Spanish Flu to average age of death for Covid at 78, we need to adjust life expectancy. Life expectancy was about 51 in 1917. In 2020 was 78. If we adjust based on life expectance the average age of death was about 42.5 for Spanish Flu Compared to COVID at 78. This is clearly a disease of the elderly – almost exclusively affecting the elderly and people with multiple pre-existing conditions as has been so widely reported.

Covid 1 Year loss of life Estimate:

Covid 4 year loss of life estimate:

Comparing Years Lost

In todays terms if a virus was as lethal as Spanish flu the years of life lost would be 19.5 (nearly 20 years) at minimum and 22.62 years lost at worst. Remember the actual is probably around 2 to 4. The flu is higher than this because it kills babies unlike Covid.

The graphs below show Age Adjusted Death Rates for the USA and Globally. Again there is in increase but it is not HUGE (nothing like the 25% to 29% spike that was caused by the Spanish Flu).

US Data


The mass amount of media and government propaganda that the vaccine is the ONLY solution is patently a lie. It is NOT scientific and has 100s of studies and pretty much ALL of medical history proving it wrong.

We must have the emergency vaccine using gene therapy. WHY? Because there are no treatments. This IS and WAS a complete lie. Here were the KNOWN options (numerous studies can be found searching in Short Summary I could find as a layperson.

  1. High dose intravenous vitamin C (old school for over 40 years used for sepsis and other resistant viral infections). Very cheap and safe.
  2. Ivermectin. Well established with over a BILLION doses administered. Low risk and previously proven to be partly effective. Cheap and safe.
  3. Hydroxychloroquine. Again well established. Known side effects. Billions of doses so well established. Cheap and safe.
  4. Remdesivir (Veklury). Recent treatment.
  5. Aspirin. Latest treatment

The vaccine is better than Natural Immunity?

This is hyperbole. Up until this was announced, the OPPOSITE was true for 100s of years of science. This is absolute lunacy. For comparison there are numerous studies indicating that natural immunity for chickenpox lasts longer and is more effective than the vaccine. In fact the chickpox vaccine requires a booster, while natural immunity DOES NOT.

Statements that are patently now proven lies

  • 15 days to slow the spread
  • The Vaccine will STOP the spread
  • The Vaccine will protect you from Covid
  • The Vaccine is safe (now it has death as a possible side effect)

Another BIG reason is over 100k immigrants have entered the country and are being FULLY supported. And they are NOT required to get a vaccine, but healthcare workers in New York are now UNEMPLOYED because of an illegal mandate, and are not even eligible for unemployment benefits. The people who cared for COVID patients for 18+ months are now fired because they are “dangerous”. The people who paid taxes to fund giveaways for illegals are unemployed and have ZERO benefits. This is wrong on so many levels and further demonstrates this isnt about medicine or science. It is PURELY politics.

Share any others I missed in the comments.

Why No Live Attenuated Virus (LAV) Vaccine?

We turn around a LAV (Live Attenuated Virus) vaccine every year for the Flu. It has been over a year and the LAV is still not here. This is VERY clearly a decision by the CDC/NIH and it screams politics instead of science or medicine.

The Vaccine is safe.

A lie again. No one can guarentee that a gene therapy medication is safe. It is experimental. There are not YEARS of studies. Further there is NO active tracking of the vaccine side affects other than VAERS.

The easiest comparison is to say during covid, if you died of anything AND covid, you died because of covid. For the shot the assumption is in reverse. If you had the shot and died of heart attack – it is assumed NOT to be because of the shot.

Further there is ZERO risk for the manufacturers of the vaccine. They are protected from lawsuits. And as there is no clinical tracking, the odds of being able to connect the shot to a problem are low.

Where is the control group?

Why are we being forced now? The data indicates the shot does not decrease spread. People are still dying of COVID in areas with very high shot rates. People who die within 14 days of the shot are recorded as NOT being vaccinated, and it is claimed to be COVID. All this screams politics and profit over science and medicine.

I am concerned because the government declared DDT safe they declared thalidomide safe, they declared Asbestos safe.

Where is the control group? This is still experimental on multiple levels. It is not a LAV (live attenuated virus) vaccine. It modifies your genes to produce spike proteins.

I know personally that gene therapy is dangerous, a friend of the family died in a trial. She VOLUNTEERED. I have NOT volunteered. I can decide for myself which RISK i choose to accept. I accept the risk of driving, eating, exercising or not.

But you need to get vaccinated to protect others.

That makes ZERO sense. If the vaccine works ONLY I am at risk. If I have the natural immunity (antibodies) I am actually a lower risk than a vaccinated person. (relates to nasal transfer of viral load at 251x an unvaccinated person). Also even if there are variants, the vaccine likely does NOT protect from those (ie variation of flu strains).

Further, large countries such as Israel has very high vax rates but they are still seeing a spike and are talking about multiple extra jabs. There are numerous studies that indicate transmission, hospitalization and complications are NOT matching expectations.

Up till 2020 this was all accepted, now it is all considered to be wrong.

Why is this a RIGHTS ISSUE?

This is a seriously slippery slope. The government in the USA has no constitutional authority. If this stands the government could decide hwo much TV i can watch or what I eat or drink, all of those affect how long i live. This gives the government precedent. It gives them right over LIFE and ALL life decisions.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people

10th amendment

The constitution doesnt say ANYWHERE that the fed govt can mandate healthcare or force you to buy something or force you to get a SHOT. I am not familiar with all state’s constitutions, but the few i have reviewed all have similar limitations on the GOVT.

Further where is the LAW and how is it legal? The 14th Amendment limits the feds
no state shall make or enforce any law abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States or deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law


We live in a REPUBLIC which protects the minority. We are in a situation where roughly 40% of the population is being FORCED to do something that is unconstitutional AND that they don’t want to do.

Why I am not getting the jab.

All the “benefits” are lies, and there is known significant risk (myocarditis and pericarditis). There is also some indication of significant increase in new cancers and other autoimmune complications related to the vaccine. Also some odd issues with menstruation. (ALL DOCUMENTED but not all peer reviewed YET)

Look at it a different way. If I am a 21 year old do I get to decide to keep the baby or get an abortion or does the GOVERNMENT decide based on “expert” data. Do they get you FORCE you to have the baby, or FORCE you to have an abortion?

Finally the vaccine is inversely risky by age. In other words the younger you are when taking it the higher you cardiac risk. While COVID gets more risky the older you are. This means that the RISK created from the vaccine is HIGHER than the disease itself.

A large portion of the black community is reluctant to take this vaccine. The “requirement” will adversely affect that community with no option for resolution other than FORCED vaccination.

Would I force you to NOT take it?

Absolutely NOT. I believe all other rights are reserved to the individual. This republic is supposed to protect individual rights, even against the majority.

A mob (democracy) that votes to “confiscate your house” if they have enough votes they can take it. In a republic the indivdual has involatile rights (rights that the government is NOT permitted to infringe on). My right to decide what to do with my life is the ULTIMATE freedom.

The Covid Lie

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