Declaration 2021


Brothers and sisters, patriots all.  I write to you in a moment of turmoil.  We are at a moment of change. We feel the storm but can’t see it clearly.  We see the edges.  I am not a leader, prophet or guide, but I am going to voice what I think you all know.

We are at a crossroads.  I don’t know know what strength is left in me, but I swore an oath, as many of you have; either directly or in spirit.

I swore to protect and defend this great nation, but more than that to protect its ideals. As our forefathers said, we pledge to each other our lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  There is nothing more.  We all are dust in the end, so our only mark is doing what is right and just so we can be judged well by time and God.

We need to do what each of us knows in our hearts and souls must be done.  Prepare, be vigilant.  Those before us died to create this nation and then protect us all, during the civil war over 600,000 of us died to ensure equality was enshrined in law.  We grew to the greatest power in the world through trade, not conquest. We saved the world from a great evil in WWI and again  in WWII.

We are at a crossroads again. We all need to prepare in the way that we KNOW we should.  We ARE the backup plan. There is no one else.

I have had an epiphany.  It has struck me that we are in a fight, a war even.  We have a history of responding during hurricanes and flooding.  But we need to do something even harder.  We have to engage in self governance. 

For me it would be easier to return to being a soldier, but that is not what is needed now.  The better and more permanent solution is to engage in politics.  The thing I don’t want to do, the activity I despise, is likely the most important thing for EACH of us to do.

So I challenge myself and everyone else. Volunteer, go to school board meetings, town boards, city boards, state and federal public meetings.  I suspect you would rather take a bullet than deal with politicians, but that is the lot we are left, and duty laid at our feet.  We must accept that discomfort and embrace to respect the soldiers, nurses, firemen, miners and farmers who came before us.

Prepare in the way that makes sense to you. BUILD the bright future you know was in the mind of that soldier or cop when they died.  We have debts to pay.

Get a HAM license, coordinate tracking of public meetings and make sure at least two reps are at every single public government meeting.  If you are locked out, let a group know and get 10x more people to the next meeting. Set up public meetings for like-minded people. 

Respect the men and women in the military, the people who broke the ground and built the roads.  The people who gave sweat, blood and tears to create and protect this nation. Respect them by invoking yourself in public discourse. Attend government meetings – as many as you can. 

Run for local office.  We all do not need to agree on everything OTHER than the constitution, the rule of law, and freedom.  Limit yourself to 2 terms in each area.  Target EVERYTHING – school boards, zoning commissions, towns, cities, counties, state and even federal.  Read the constitution.  Read the Federalist Papers and the Constitution.  Understand the greatness of America.

We are overcome by evil OR we overcome evil.  We must take the LONG challenge of rebuilding what we know must be, brick by brick.  

That means working at every single level of government.  We MUST take the stand and be relentless in our commitment because EVIL is relentless. We have seen it in Nazi Germany, Cambodia under Pol Pot, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and 100 other times throughout history. 

The only thing that stops evil is good standing up every single time.  We have worked hard, we have built prosperity, we have worked to permit all perspectives.  We did make a mistake we allowed equality between good and evil.  That must stop NOW and must be corrected for the next 100 generations.


The authority of state and federal government comes from we the people, and in that role we demand change.  The US state and federal governments have no innate authority or rights.

We recognize that above ALL law, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

We are at a tipping point, where our current form of government denying freedoms and our inalienable;’ rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The current government is partly or wholly incapable, or intentionally complicit in taking actions against the Constitution of the United States of America, against the Laws of Nature and of ultimately against the laws of God.

This must change and to make this change, we declare the following.

The federal government has no constitutional authority to perform following actions and must immediately eliminate such activity.  The government will affirm the citizens inalienable right to:

  • Freedom of Travel, specifically cease all unconstitutional lockdowns, specifically illegal bans on travel
  • Self employment or the employment of others
  • to perform services that have no life safety risk (permits contrary to this requirement must be abolished)
  • *Eliminate restrictions on freedoms of speech and freedoms of assembly
  • *Eliminate ANY and ALL rules, laws, decrees or other administrative rules that interfere with freedom of religion and religious gatherings.  Restrictions of said are wholly unconstitutional
  • All laws will be applied equally and executed as written.  Those failing to fulfill their oaths of office will be removed.  No more rioting and destruction without consequences.  No more looting and theft. 
  • All administrative “law” is hereby relegated to recommendations only.  No action may be taken against any US citizen without a clearly written law. 

Eliminate Covid lockdowns that are effectively house arrest where there has been no broken law, illegal activity or theft.  Locking up healthy people is tyranny.

We will defend the shining city on the hill. We will protect and defend the Constitution as it is written, not with a 1000 page interpretation.  

In support of this we the people add the following items to the BILL OF RIGHTS

Modified 2nd Amendment – The right of a law abiding citizen to bear arms and all other forms of self-defense shall not be infringed.

Modified 10th Amendment – The powers not explicitly delegated to the United States Federal Government by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

New Amendment – The federal government shall not spend money on any topic within the jurisdiction of the states, including the broad interpretation of “general welfare”

New Amendment – Congress is granted a narrow and exclusive power to regulate shipments across state lines–not all the economic activity of the nation.  Further, only commerce that involves 2/3rds of states may be regulated. 

New Amendment – All federally elected officials are limited to a total of two terms in any individual office.

New Amendment – Neither administrative, policy, admin “law”, regulations or Executive Orders may be treated as law.  Congress is the sole exclusive agency to enact laws. 

All administrative “law” is hereby relegated to recommendations only.  No action may be taken against any US citizen, entity or business without a clearly written law.  All federal law may ONLY be adjudicated by the federal courts. 

New Amendment – All laws apply equal to all citizens within the US. Congress shall make no law applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to Congress.  Laws may be more restrictive, penalties more extreme for elected officials.

New Amendment – No laws may provide additional benefit, or create adversity for an individual based on: office, gender or race.

New Tax Amendment – The federal government must balance its budget for each fiscal starting in 2022.  Deficit spending must be approved by a 2/3 majority of all state houses of representation.

While there is no budget congress shall not be paid.

Rescind the 17th amendment – states APPOINT the senate.  They are NOT publicly elected.

New Tax Amendment – Taxation is ONLY permitted for activities clearly enumerated in the constitution.  All other taxes shall be terminated.  The IRS Courts are rescinded. Federal taxes are limited to a flat sales tax of 12%

New Amendment – ONLY the judicial branch may adjudicate law, administrative law or regulation.  The only federal courts in the USA are the judicial branch. 

New Amendment – Convicted criminals shall have no extra rights above and beyond those of their victims and the citizenry as a whole

New amendment – all branches of the govt must report metrics and measures indicating expected vs actual outcomes.   Measures of cases, public served, cost compared to private agencies etc.

New amendment – No govt agency can provide services that directly overlap or duplicate services provided by another agency within the government.  A single agency can for short periods provide duplicate services to compare processes and improve operations for 6 to 18 months.  At the end of the test period the agency must eliminate the least performing process.  Where possible agencies will compare outcomes to private entities. 

New Amendment – Only the most qualified may be hired, creating discrimination based on race or gender or political is counter to the very founding of this Country. In all ways the government must be a meritocracy.

New Amendment – Social media shall be treated as MEDIA. Social Media entities, virtual assistants and AI tools, retain no legal protections if they deny the freedom of speech. Further, major provides who deny freedom of speech deny the very foundation of the United States. Social media is either liable for everything published as if they published it, or they must allow complete and unfettered free speech. To retain protections under the first amendement they must not edit, censor or modify content. If they do they are fully liable and subject to legal action.

New Amendment – US Law and State law overrides any treaty or international law.  Foreign entities, groups or governments may not govern the domestic law of the United States.

New Amendment – The Supreme Court shall consist of 9 Justices members. The supreme court may ONLY use the laws of the land to determine compliance, and shall forthwith decline the use of case law. Justices shall have terms of 9 years and may be reappointed up to 3 times in total. Any case brought by 10 or more states must be heard by the Supreme Court.

New Amendment – The federal government cannot indemnify a private entity, group or organization for liability or create immunity for actions.

New Amendment – Congress may not use public or federal funds to provide law suit coverage for personal actions of members of the government, judicial, legislative or executive – except as noted elsewhere in the constitution and these amendments.

New Voting Amendment – Voting for all offices shall be on paper and shall in person OR in special circumstances, shall have biometric confirmation to ensure a single vote.  Special circumstances shall be limited to:

  • military or govt service requiring travel that would preclude in person voting
  • medical conditions or status that would deny the option of voting in person, as considered reasonable by a jury of peers.

All votes will be paper votes and some mechanism such as ink will be used to ensure that each individual will vote only once.  All paper ballots will be kept for a minimum of 121 days.  ANY changes to voting must be made equally and may must be in place and publicly posted more that 121 days BEFORE any vote.

To vote in federal elections and individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Own ½ acre or more, a home or a small business employing others. AND/OR
  • Have prior military service, served in police/fire/paramedic, or nurse 

Any person who receives a bulk of their income, wages or salary from the federal govt or due to to their federal status or employment, during the prior election period, is denied the ability to vote until such time as they are no longer employed by the federal govt.

Tampering with votes is TREASON. Vote counting will be public and vote counting without equal representation of oversight at all times shall be considered TREASON.

New Amendment.  The constitution, amendments and laws shall be considered ONLY as they are written. Interpretation or intent cannot be the basis for rulings. Greives against law shall be resolved through changes to law or the constitution ONLY.

New Amendment. ONE SUBJECT Bills, no bill longer than the constitution.

We the citizens of the United States are providing clear expectations.  The collective behavior of the federal government is unacceptable. 

We have been quiet patriots, no more.  We represent each of the Free and Independent States of this Union.  In support of this Declaration, we the people, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, mutually reaffirm to each other, our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

A Call to Action

Get out there and interact. Many of us are focused on prepping – but are facing in, waiting, watching.  We need to get out – maybe consider it recon, or patriot news gathering, or citizen engagement.  Get out there and be positive.

Get educated about American history – read the constitution and federalist papers.  Read the Bible (even if you don’t believe in religion), EVERY founding father knew it inside and out. Read about Greek and Roman history.  Educate YOURSELF don’t let others decide for you.

Be prepared.  Get skills like:  first aid, HAM radio, welding, forging, beekeeping, gardening, animal husbandry, gun smithing, self defense, hunting, fishing, sewing, beer/wine making, engineering, get pluming, electrical, nursing, skills to support yourself, your family and this great country. Practice bartering, we did it for 100+ years.

Stock up.  Get food you eat anyway and have a YEAR of food and water on hand. Preferably canned, dried, or even freeze dried foods.  That food can help you if you lose a job, or if your family or friends lose a job – or if you choose your neighbors.  If you choose to arm yourself, be responsible.  Pick a small conceal carry handgun and a long gun or two, and buy in twos.  Buy weapons you can control and use. But ONLY arm yourself if you plan to learn proper handling, and practice.  Consider a conceal carry license.

Get heavy duty decent clothes, shoes and boots. Use Parler, Facebook, Signal, Twitter, Proton Mail to talk with others.

Plan to live without power, but work to improve our power grid.  Plan to live without healthcare but work to expand hospitals and medical services.

James Franklin Great, Great, Great Grandson of Silence Dogood 

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